Unmasking a High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person: Owning Your Divinity

In the previous blog post we talked about Finding Flow in a Reflection Practice, and delved into the benefits of a Reflection Practice, how to develop a Reflection Practice, and what takes you away from a Reflection Practice. To read that blog post click here.

Now we’re moving into Owning Your Divinity and what I’ve been learning about this….

Higher consciousness isn’t on the same vibrational wave as the time and space continuum. Yet somehow, it is. Separate, yet connected, by many invisible, silken threads. And these silken threads are connected to my Divinity…

This is what I’m learning. And learning is incredibly rewarding.

The first part of my Spiritual journey, my childhood, required I learn and use whatever tools I needed to in order to survive. Some proved useful, many were not.

The second part of my Spiritual journey, the journey of “Unmasking” required I open my Soul and my senses to the external world. To see with different eyes. To try to understand another’s viewpoint. A viewpoint based in pain and fear. Not surprisingly that part of my journey included a lot of chaos and confusion, and many moral compass tests. From this I learned, practiced and received the spiritual benefits of patience, acceptance, fortitude, and equanimity.

And now my Spiritual journey morphs again.

In this third part of my journey, the journey of “Unmasking: A High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person: A Spiritual Journey”, at this juncture, I’m being asked to simply begin owning my Divinity. To place a high value on my ‘being’, my Soul. To appreciate and express gratitude towards myself, for myself every day. And gratitude for everyone one I’ve shared experiences with in the past and for everyone I will share experiences with in the future,

Vantage Sensitivity studies show when an HSP is in a positive environment, they flourish. Regardless of previous circumstances or experiences.

Oh, the twists and unexpected turns of a Spiritual journey!

Because this is what I’m being asked to provide myself with now; a positive, nurturing environment.

Most would think “a positive nurturing environment” is where a person physically lives. But for me “where” I live is inconsequential.

Instead, my physical “where” is linked to my HSS, how I satisfy my curiosity by experiencing other cultures, noticing how climate, nature and animals differ from one geographic location to the next, while witnessing and being a part of the universal experience of humanity. I find this interesting, engaging and enjoyable.

Alternatively, cultivating a positive environment for me means where I live in my Soul and mind. And now, at this juncture, I’m being asked to re-unite with my Divinity; to give my energy and focus to the process of resurrecting and owning the Divinity within me.

To tend to my Soul with an as-yet unrivaled passion.

And this, I’m learning, is an art form.

An intricate dance in the Now.

A dance of harmony and balance as I learn to communicate with my Soul; an unbreakable piece of glass that calls to me in a symphony of never-ending, cascading notes. A prism of microfilaments and spheres twinkling and gleaming, laughing rainbows of colours that smell like candy apples and taste like the foam of ocean waves.

I’m to dive in, shine a light and witness the dance. And listen. Listen to where my Soul is guiding me, listen to what my Soul is teaching me, and in turn feed my Soul with gratitude and acceptance.

To feel what this feels like. To revel and play in its rippling octaves rich with understanding.

I’m being asked to own my Divinity and doing so requires I now release the sword. Place it on the ground. There’s nothing to forge through and nothing to defend.

Because Divinity doesn’t require force or a defense. Its natural Beauty simply Is. I’m only to receive its blessings, and in return shower my Divinity with gratitude. I’m to dive in and shine a light on the prism of my Soul.

This is all I’m being asked to do.

For me, owning my Divinity feels like the first step towards a delightful invitation further into the dance of Self-Compassion. This first part of the process requires me to simply notice my emotions and thoughts. To understand with humility, that this is a blessing and a Gift.

So at first, I’m unsteady, not quite believing that this is all that’s being asked of me. Because where I was first taught to ignore my feelings (difficult and painful), and later, where I’ve needed to notice my emotions in order to suppress them, so I could fortify myself, and not allow my emotions to overtake me (again, difficult); now I’m being asked to simply notice and embrace them.

I’m to enter this new, mysterious realm with the same reverence and humility I give The Light. This same energy of reverence and humility is what is now required to own my Divinity.

To understand the beautiful blessings these emotions give me, and to learn from them and be grateful for the wisdom they provide on a moment by moment basis. To listen to the silence. The mesmerizing symphony of silence.

And to look at where I find joy and walk away from what isn’t joyful and meaningful to or for me. To be grateful for the vast array of experiences I’ve had so far. And know that going forward I have many choices. And of those choices I’m free to choose paths and relationships to invest my energy into that feed my Soul. I have no obligation to entertain anything less.

This means letting go. I have no expectations of others or myself, and I have no one to compare myself with. So this part is easy. But it is the expectations of others of me that require me to let go. Because these expectations hem me in, ask me to “be” what I’m not. It’s a stagnant energy that doesn’t allow for growth.

So part of owning my Divinity is about letting go, and letting go is about grieving.

As an HSP I think and feel deeply, and for me my Spirituality and my HSP Trait are inexorably linked. This means I’m required to honour the transitions inherent to my Spiritual path, knowing that now, my Spiritual journey requires me to practice “letting go”. Letting go of relationships, habits, thoughts and feelings that don’t serve me anymore. A grieving process that allows for the understanding and honouring, that at one time there was a purpose.

Now, grieving for me isn’t a constant state of sadness. Most people associate grieving with the loss of a loved one. But for me that’s a surface aspect of grief. Having experienced near-death when I was quite young, I don’t relate the “end” of something or someone to a sense of sadness that is inconsolable. “What’s on the other side” is indescribably beautiful, and only a state of consciousness away.

Instead, I find gratitude and new beginnings in grief.

And new beginnings at first glance can be daunting. But I’m not daunted by this new beginning. I don’t feel ill prepared. Because this new beginning leads me to the most important relationship of all; my relationship with my Divinity.

I’m being called to fall blissfully in love with my Soul.

And like my previous journeys it isn’t always easy, there are challenges. But I’m noticing it’s much easier than I’d imagined.

One challenge I’ve noticed so far is the odd time an unhappy memory will show up and with it an attached emotion. In the past I would have allowed that emotion to dictate how I feel, and I’d end up feeling sad, or angry, or depleted in some way.

Now, I’m getting quicker at recognizing it for what it is and knowing what to do.

It is simply my Soul showing me where I require nourishment. Where I need to;

  • speak and/or treat myself with caring and tenderness,

  • or, let go of a thought, person, or habit,

  • or, where I need to communicate a boundary with others,

  • or, where that emotion is showing me it’s linked to a fear or a doubt that’s asking me to acknowledge, embrace, and nourish it with love and acceptance.

This is how I honour my Spiritual journey. This is how I own and honour my Divinity.

I invite you to Dance with Your Divinity with me.

How does that look like for you? How does it feel? The music is playing…


As I was pondering the next blog post I decided…

The sequel is complete. I’m not sure if I’ll edit the first book and merge the second one with it, or if I’ll edit these blog posts and self-publish it separately. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

What I do know is inspiration and creativity are beautiful, amazing, living forces and I’m being called by my muse to pick up a story I started many years ago. So I’ll be blogging it hence forward.

Until then,

Much Light and Blessings to You. <3