Spirituality versus Conformity

From an early age we're taught to conform, obey and separate. We're taught separateness. And we're taught to ignore our inner compass.  

We're taught to compare ourselves to others, compete and to try to "be more", "be better" than who we are - according to someone else's version of what "more" or "better" is.

So in essense, everything "out there" will try to convince you you're not enough. And this isn't anyone's fault. This is just where we're at on the evolutionary time/space scale. It's been a natural progression.

But it's important to note that as we get older we're meant to pass through other stages of development, psychological and spiritual in nature, that western culture has forgotten. Stages that allows us to grow into the natural "knowing-ness" of our Soul. And on some level our Soul knows and tries to urge us forward.  

See, the Soul is quiet and always there - waiting for you to connect. But it requires honouring your uniqueness, your reason for being, what you came into this life to learn.

Your soul won't lure you with false promises or distorted perceptions and beliefs.

It will guide you, help you and lead you on a journey designed specifically for you. If you let it.

But you'll have to want this journey. You'll have to want to make your life journey count. You'll have to be willing to "do your own thing", which will go against a lot of what you've been taught - regardless of what you've been taught.  

And it isn't anyone's fault, it's a combination of how we're wired and our current cultural norms.

We're wired to remember negative feedback instead of positive feedback. (1) 

And this causes us to be fearful. But fear, and all its faces, won't deliver the goods.

What will?  

Deciding that conforming isn't for you. In fact, your Soul is calling you to challenge yourself, challenge your beliefs, challenge your fears - instead of conforming to them.

Because conforming isn't an option when you decide to listen to your Soul.

Instead, it will deliver you to a place of peace, happiness and sanity.

Don't believe me?  Well, let's look at some facts.

  • According to 2011 Statistics over 20 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction.(2)
  • In any given year, 1 in 5 Canadians experiences a mental health or addiction problem.(3)
  • By the time Canadians reach 40 years of age, 1 in 2 have – or have had – a mental illness.(4)

These statistics are a direct result of the current system, western culture, we're operating in.  A system that teaches us that everything and everyone is separate.

So, it seems while current breakthroughs in science are proving we are all connected, to everything and each other, we haven't exactly embraced this.

We'll applaud and give individuals, scientists like Nassim Haramein, who are actually providing the proof to back this up - but we aren't, on a personal level, really buying into it.


Well, my belief is that one of the factors is our wiring.  We're wired to retain negative feedback - so there's that. 

And next, western culture is somewhat steeped in a common belief that everything and everyone is separate.  

Let's look at an example.  Our educational system.  (And let it be noted, this isn't a pointing fingers game, this is a look at why we think and feel the way we do, and what shapes our beliefs).

Math is one subject.  Its own separate subject. 

Language Arts or English is one subject.  Its own separate subject.

Chemistry is one subject.  Its own separate subject.

Yet, they're connected.

When you try a new recipe you're reading it, then you're measuring quantities and then mixing chemicals.  So in order to get a finishing product - you're combining, mixing the separated subjects to get the finished, connected, and hopefully edible, result.

But somehow we've lost sight of one of the most important elements of our "being", the main ingredient for our being alive.  

The most crucial element. The ingredient that is the foundation to build on.

Our Soul.

Our Soul knows anything is possible, because we are possible. We exist. And we exist for a reason. A reason only we can unlock within ourselves.

Your Soul will guide you to knowledge, wisdom, peace and happiness.

But you'll have to feed your Soul, instead of that "wiring" and the conditioned belief system that's causing you to starve your Soul.

It takes courage to feed your Soul.

Why?  Because these are the ingredients required (ingredients you'll need to teach yourself and practice moment-by-moment);

  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Relentless unconditional self-love
  • Persistence
  • Setting goals
  • Time alone for reflection
  • Time with people who accept and positively support you in your life journey

Your Soul will guide you - on what to feed your brain, what to feed your body, and what to feed your Soul - what information will be helpful for you, will invigorate you, will drive you as only a Soul full of passion can.

Your Soul will show you the inter-connectness of life and also, how incredibly amazing you are.

Your unique Soul life journey will naturally lead you to evolve, grow, and transform into the unbelievably unique individual you already are, but don't realize yet.

This is why, as a species, we only use 10% of our brains, because we're only using our "thinking", or logical brain - not the brain that we need to be using - the brain of our Soul.

The intelligence and wisdom of our Soul is much, much more powerful than our logical brain. 

So how do we access our Soul brain?  

One of the ways we can begin doing this is by "soul" centering ourselves. We can do this by starting with a process - a process that begins to address our "thinking" and "feeling". You can begin by clicking here (no signups, just a .pdf).

It's easy to get started.

We can also begin learning how to calm our logical "thinking" brain - the brain that tells us what we "can't" do, what "isn't possible", and we do this by training it and directing it, and in this way begin feeding our Soul brain.

Which is why I created a 5 Minute "Breath Meditation" - go here to try it out. Just a quick introduction to meditation, and one I invite you to try.