The Peach

It was the last peach left in the box, and it was the largest, most perfect, luscious peach I’d ever seen. I quickly grabbed it and scurried away.

Lovingly, I washed it and set aside not one, but two, paper towels to eat along with it: knowing it would be so succulent, that rivers of its wonderful nectar would, surely escape out of the sides of my mouth. That night I dreamed of eating my peach.

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Rayne DowellComment
Fashionably Irrelevant

Incontinence is irrelevant when there’s stuff to see, people to meet and things to do.

Others must’ve agreed with this premise too because, well, diapers have been around a long time…… and Ghandi sometimes wore a white cloth diaper-looking piece of clothing, as an adult, when he didn’t even need to… or maybe he was making a fashion statement loaded with hidden symbolism…

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