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Providing consulting services to small hotels and B&B's who cater to nature-loving Eco Travelers.

Consulting services include:

  • On and offline business process evaluation, review, and implementation to increase your online bookings and get extraordinary guest reviews (improve your online guest review rating)
  • Online Booking Platform review
  • Staging and photography
  • Website review, design, creation and writing website content
  • Branding assistance and social media advice
  • Local and international partnering opportunities

Allow your guests to experience the best of your small hotel or B&B ahead of time by taking the time to stage your rooms. This is a detail-oriented project, but makes all the difference to guests who haven't experienced your hospitality.

Lighting, ambiance, fresh flowers, the angle the photograph was taken, all add to the overall "feel" you can give your potential guests.

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Descriptive and detailed descriptions of your accommodations on your website, and online booking platforms, including the services your small hotel or B&B provide, are incredibly helpful to your guests. More information means they can compare and decide on choosing the room, services and other offerings you provide. 



Providing guests with a photograph or two of the view from their room helps them picture what they'll be seeing, as they envision themselves standing and looking out the window. 

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Bathrooms are important. Guests want to see where they'll be showering and sprucing themselves up. Including the shower, sink and toilet in your photos give them a good idea of what to expect on their arrival. Capturing as much of this usually small room can be a challenge, but well worth the effort.


When offering specialty services likes massages, classes, lectures, and tours make sure you provide a photograph or two to let your potential guests become comfortable and familiar with the space, service and Tour.

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Using unique angles in your photographs helps your business stand out. 


If you'd like to work with me to increase your small hotel or B&B online bookings click here.

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