Intentional Rainforest Eco-Tours

Ready For An Amazing Central America Rainforest Experience?

This unique, off-the-beaten-track 9 Day Rainforest Eco-Tour is customized for Solo Adventure Travelers.

Our small, private group (max. size 5) arrives in the city and is taxied to our accommodations - bright, secure, clean, cheerful apartments where we’ll share a delicious Central American dinner and go over the details of our trip itinerary. 

The next morning we travel by taxi to the bus station to begin our 5 hour local bus ride, where you can settle in and scan the scenery. We'll arrive at our Secondary Base Camp location and enjoy a delicious lunch, then we're off exploring the colorful sights and sounds of this quaint town.  Next we dine at a local five star restaurant, savouring the local culinary delights Central America has to offer, and then walk back to our comfortable, clean accommodations for the night.


The next morning we eat a healthy, delicious breakfast and then take a 4 hour local ferry ride to our solar-powered Base Camp in the middle of the Rainforest!  

At our Base Camp you'll find your your private room (with private bathroom, including shower), with thick mosquito netting over your double bed.


After we drop off our luggage and relax over a refreshing mango drink and delicious lunch, we’ll be going on an orientation walk, visiting three local restaurants where you’ll be introduced to the owners because you’ll be talking with them and making your own meal reservations (using your English/Spanish Dictionary) for the rest of your stay at Base Camp.

Next we eat dinner and get ready for our Night Tour, where you’ll see the types of animals, birds, reptiles and insects that come to life at night in a tropical Rainforest. And if you love constellations the night sky in the Rainforest is mesmerizing - it will feel like you can reach out and touch the stars!

The following morning you’re sure to wake up to the calls of the Mantled Howler Monkeys who’ll be sitting and swinging in the trees outside your room.

The next four days we go on 4 more exotic Rainforest Tours offered by local professional Guides, where you’ll be hiking, and at times “swinging” through the Rainforest and walking on roads.  Much of what you'll see has been classified by the IUCN Redlist as either endangered, threatened or vulnerable. 

Be sure to pack your camera so you can capture the vibrant colours of the tropical birds, like the Black-headed Trogon, rarely-seen-in-the-wild animals, like the Two-Toed Sloth, reptiles, like the Snapping Turtle, colourful butterflies and flowers! This is a Birders' paradise.

While on your Tour there’s an “Intentional” component where you’ll be mindfully and creatively problem-solving with the intent of returning to your “regular” life with a new perspective and new ideas on how to remove stress and increase happiness in your everyday life.

After our stay at Base Camp we'll take the ferry back to our Secondary Base Camp, share a delectable lunch and dinner, stay the night and travel back to the city the next morning. After arriving in the city we'll dine again and share an “Adiós” meal together before leaving Central America.

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Upcoming Tours for 2018

This incredible 9 Day Intentional Rainforest Eco-Tour is available on the following dates for 2018 (dates may be amended due to extenuating circumstances, ie., weather):

Central America

  • September 11-19

  • September 21-29  

  • October 2-10

  • October 12-20

Tour includes:

  • Accommodations at various locations

  • 5 Wildlife Tours (including one Night Tour)

  • Transportation (bus, taxi & ferry) arranged for you

  • Meals (3 per day) *alcohol not included

  • "Intentional" instruction

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If you'd like to go on a Tour, the Medical Form and Waiver of Liability Form need to be completed and emailed to

Once you've received a Participation Confirmation email please proceed to pay for your Tour.

Cost: $1,999.00 USD (*air travel not included)