your Soul Warrior Tribe™ ARE waiting for you.

We're here for you because most Highly Sensitives have been told we're "too sensitive" and received negative messaging about our sensitivity. Our Tribe is about positively transforming how we view and relate with our HSP Trait - into a positive perception that works FOR us, where we feel free to be(coming) our amazing selves!

Our Tribe welcomes you, whether you've recently learned you're Highly Sensitive or known you have the HSP Trait for awhile.

First, it's important for you to know that every effort is made to make this a comfortable, private, supportive place for our Soul Warriors.

As a Highly Sensitive you recognize and realize that your Soul's journey through this Life has it's challenges, and that makes you a Soul Warrior, and every Soul Warrior needs a Tribe.

This is your home-away-from-home, a place for you to connect with other Soul Warriors.

Highly Sensitives process information differently, are highly creative, are problem-solvers and meeting others on the same Soul journey, with the same challenges, and being able to connect with each other – makes all the difference for us.

Here we meet to connect about stuff that's meaningful to us, that affects our lives, how happy we are in and with our lives, how to make our relationship with ourselves and others more meaningful, and how to be more compassionate to ourselves.

This is the number one private place to discuss everything a Highly Sensitive Soul Warrior wonders about, or is struggling with.

So get comfy, this place was created just for you.

Ask questions, share interesting thoughts, tell stories, help others, or just hang around and talk to people.

* Please note, if you'll be posting anything along the lines of politics, religion or money - bear in mind these are topics that tend to "bring out the beast" in most people, so with that in mind please express yourself in a way that's respectful of others. These topics do affect us so we don't need to avoid them, but understanding that others have valid perspectives helps us open up to learning.

That being said, the drum beats are beating and your Soul Warrior Tribe™ want to hear and feel the beat of your Soul - so join in, introduce yourself!