Your Tribe is waiting for you. A tribe exclusively for Highly Sensitives.

Because Highly Sensitives make up only 15-20% of the population, it's natural for most Highly Sensitives to feel isolated.


But you're not. You're SO not.

You're Soul Warrior Tribe™ is waiting for you.

And we know how intelligent you are, and we know you value exclusivity and your privacy.

So your Soul Warrior Tribe™ isn't on Facebook or any other social media platform, it's in a private place where you can feel comfortable and supported, hang out with your other Tribe members, join in on conversations that are empowering for you and on topics you're interested in - like;

  • Creativity,
  • You Health,
  • Gratitude,
  • Humor,
  • and anything else important to you.

Our Tribe is always "on", always there for you. You can join in whenever you want.

Your Soul Warrior Tribe™ meets because we're about sharing our victories and our challenges, talking about what's important to us and learning with and from one another.

Because no one can truly understand a Highly Sensitive, like another Highly Sensitive.

Can you hear that drumbeat?

That drumbeat that's sounding in the distance?

That's your Tribe, your Soul Warrior Tribe™ calling you.

Join us.



We're currently working on a big, audacious project. Our goal is to globally connect HSPs to one another; professionals, artists, scientists, researchers, councelors, etc. and provide other services and information for them.

Our creativity, time, patience and tenacity are focused on this goal and we continue to work towards it.

So stay tuned for updates...