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participate in a hsp Discussion Group.

STEP 1: Fill Out the HSP Trait Transformation™ Application Form below

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Was it a book, a friend who suggested you may have it, a few Google searches into another topic that led you to the beautiful world of HSPs, etc?
There's no right or wrong answer here. :) Just getting a feel for where you are, currently. For Example: - Is this HSP thing very new to you so you're super curious, eager to learn, or maybe even clueless? - Do you LOVE the changes you've made since discovering you have the trait? - Are you hopeful but struggling to get the most benefits out of having the trait?
This isn't one of those "catch the replay" deals. Participation is super important. Your presence matters.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the HSP Trait Transformation™ Form.

You'll receive an email in 2-3 business days notifying you we received your answers and directions for STEP 2. 



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Important note:

Anyone who joins a HSPTT discussion group must also join The Soul Warrior Tribe™ community because you'll be given access to a private, member's only area. 

Go ahead and click "Submit" on your form above, and you'll see a link to join The Soul Warrior Tribe, if you haven't yet. (It's totally Free ;)

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What's The Difference..

between HSP Trait Transformation™ (HSPTT) and Soul Warrior Tribe™ (SWT)?

-Soul Warrior Tribe™ is our private community for HSP's. This is where you connect with other HSP's in a laid-back, forum-style setting.
-HSP Trait Transformation™ discussion groups are intimate and intentional  (consisting of 5-7 fellow Soul Warriors) and follow a specifically structured path of self exploration.