in a HSP Trait Transformation discussion group


It was awesome meeting you and getting to know you, if only for a short while.
First, I want to congratulate you on your willingness and courage to take the next step in your spiritual growth. 


Ready to positively transform how you relate to and with your HSP Trait?


HSP Trait Transformation™ is for Soul Warriors, Highly Sensitives, who want to revel in the benefits of their trait and learn how to transform their trait so it works for them - not against them.

No longer do we have to do this alone, in our private silos. You'll be supported along the way by your Soul Warrior Tribe™ as well as by your HSP Trait Transformation™ Discussion Group members - where deep connection and understanding happens.

As your self-awareness grows, you'll begin transforming and evolving on a Soul level.
And we'll be doing this together in a gentle, compassionate way, giving you (and the process) time...
And allowing you to practice & develop the skills that'll benefit you most.

Make it "official" by joining the waitlist for the very next HSP Trait Transformation™ discussion group.



Submit your payment to secure your spot in the next HSP Trait Transformation™ group (cost: $89 USD). 
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* Gentle Reminder #1: Though my goal is to keep your time on the waitlist as short as possible, Discussion Groups can take up to a few months to form based on each person's availability. I recommend you do not let this deter you from saving your place because you've already come this far through the process, you're a great fit for the group, and you're ready to do the inner work. Any potential wait does not hinder your process, it honors it... and you just may be the one we're waiting for next. <3

* Gentle Reminder #2:  Note payments are non-refundable but if, for some reason, you cannot participate in your chosen discussion group, you may apply this payment to a future discussion group, for up to one full year later. :)