You've been patiently waiting on the HSP Trait Transformation™ Waitlist and the time has arrived!

Your journey to begin positively transforming how you relate to and with your HSP Trait begins now.

  • As your self-awareness grows, you'll begin transforming and evolving on a Soul level.
  • We'll be doing this together in a gentle, compassionate way, giving you and the process time and allowing you to develop the skills you'll need.
  • Because we HSP's are complex, and we process information on a deep level, we've structured this growth process to include you in the Soul Warrior Tribe™ where you'll feel positively supported by all your Tribe members, as well as from those in your HSP Trait Transformation™ Discussion Group.




At this point you're at the Soul Warrior Level 1 stage, this is the level where you're being introduced to the concepts and tools you'll need going forward. These concepts and tools are related to projecting, triggers, re-framing, balanced energy exchange, understanding, creativity, self-forgiveness, self-compassion and self-reflection. These tools will allow you to open doors of self-awareness and understanding how your HSP trait works for you. 


    Once you've completed the first HSP Trait Transformation Discussion Group (Soul Warrior Level 1), which occurs once a week for 2 hours, 7 weeks in a row - you're invited to advance to the next level .


    The Levels Are:



    Those who are Soul Warrior Level 1's are at the beginning of their quest, and those who are Soul Warrior Level 8's are experienced and have successfully learned how to incorporate the tools learned in HSP Trait Transformation™ into their lives. Soul Warrior Level 8's have made incredible strides and are transforming how they relate to and with their HSP Trait. They're experiencing more relaxation, peace, joy, vitality, creativity and richer, more meaningful personal relationships than they've ever known. 

    If you have any questions along the way, your Soul Warrior Tribe™ is where to ask questions, get feedback, feel supported and valued.

    And no question is silly - please ask any question you have.

    And always remember, show yourself patience, compassion and forgiveness along your journey - you are incredibly amazing and courageous!


    the next step,

    You'll be receiving an email with the details of how to join your private, online, HSP Trait Transformation™ Discussion Group - where, when, how, and what we'll be doing for each session.


    Keep an eye on your email inbox for the next steps.

    - Rayne