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for hsp's who are ready to journey inward & do the work that matters

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you have the hsp trait, now what?

Discovering you have the trait puts some things into perspective but it doesn't "fix" the very real problems you're facing.

Many of us Highly Sensitive People are struggling with:

  • feeling overstimulated and/or overwhelmed with life,  
  • battling anxiety and/or depression,
  • health issues that stem from sensitivities or excessive amounts of stress, 
  • setting boundaries with people, and
  • going to the "next level" in your life – just to name a few.


It’s almost as if everyone else reaps the benefits of your trait while you’re left feeling unseen, unheard, and depleted

Maybe you’ve even tried other things like personal development books, coaching programs, therapy, seminars, affirmations, and nothing felt quite right?

If you're still struggling to be the very best version of yourself, I've gotta tell you...

You're not alone. You are so not alone.

This is, unfortunately, very typical for us…

But it doesn’t have to be.


There is a path forward.

Imagine learning how to make your trait work for you so you can enjoy a more fulfilling, productive, happier, and all-around peaceful experience of life.

For some, that means getting to do more of what lights you up or finally being able to speak-up for yourself in a healthy way. 

For others, it means answering the call to lead or bravely exploring new opportunities.

You get to decide. 

But it all starts here, with the support and structure you need to thrive. 

HSP Trait Transformation™ is a professionally coordinated and facilitated, small discussion group for HSP's to gather the tools that will help you make your trait work for you, rather than against you. 

The group and individual exercises allow the opportunity for us Highly Sensitives to begin (or to continue) to;

  • transform how you view and relate to your HSP Trait, 
  • understand and appreciate how your trait works for you, and
  • apply specific tools to your everyday life so you can eliminate recurring patterns & reap the rewards - at home, at work, and at play.


Interested in details?

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Group Structure

The discussion group is structured and leaderless. We follow the Group Discussion Guidelines as outlined in Elaine Aron's, "The Highly Sensitive Person's Workbook".

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7 Week Journey

Each discussion group lasts for 7 weeks. During that time, we'll meet once a week for 2 hours.  


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Convenient Setting

Your meetings are private, intimate and take place online. Look forward to the convenience of being anywhere while still feeling an in-person connection.


who is the coordinator?

In case you're thinking, "Okay, all that sounds awesome but who's the person behind this page?" ...

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That would be me, rayne ;)

I have experience successfully coordinating and facilitating offline HSP Discussion Groups. Some of the gifts of my HSP Trait are communication, interpretation and translation. 

Because the offline Discussion Groups offer so many positive opportunities to work with and transform how we Highly Sensitives view our trait - I've decided to take it on the road - or in this case - online.

Now, HSP's everywhere can join a professionally coordinated and facilitated HSP Discussion Group using their phone, tablet or laptop! 

I work particularly well with small groups of HSP's, where the participants are solution-focused and interested in exploring how their trait works for them - in a thoughtful, compassionate, open, creative, respectful way.

If that sounds like you, I'm excited to meet you! 

And in case you're wondering how I got here, I'm HSP/HSS and I self-published my first book, "Unmasking: A Journey" in 2017, a story about how I learned I have the HSP/HSS Trait.

But enough about me, let's get back to the details you want to know! 


hear from other HSP'S:

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This isn't for Everyone:

At least not right now. You may need more time to become open to embracing this work, and that's okay, too. This list can help you identify whether you're ready or not. 

    HSP Trait transformation™ isn't for you if:

    • You're looking for a "quick fix" to your problems. (Sure, you may start seeing positive changes right away, but growth happens over-time.) 
    • You aren't ready or able to prioritize growth and healing. (It's very important that you show up, in person, to your meetings.)
    • You believe life (and all of it's circumstances) keeps happening "to" you rather than for you. (And you're unwilling to look at how, even the most painful problems, can be opportunities to learn more about yourself.) 
    • You're highly critical of others and/or find yourself blaming often. 

    If that's you - no judgement. All of us have been "not ready" to embrace this work at some point.  So, in the mean time, I invite you to join our online HSP community ( Soul Warrior Tribe )  to get connected with like-minded souls. Learning and sharing alongside people who "get" you can help you become ready to embrace this work.  


    HSP Trait transformation is for you if:

    • You are a Highly Sensitive Person who's ready, willing, and open to experience more healing & growth.
    • You believe you're responsible for your own healing and growth (and that no one can do the work for you.)
    • You generally look at your circumstances and problems as opportunities to learn more about yourself and how you can grow, rather than blaming. PsstNo one is perfect! Notice, I said "generally, not always." ;) 
    • You're committed to your journey and willing to be supportive to others on theirs.

    Sounds like you? Awesome

    Then, you're probably wondering...


    How do you get started?

    we use a 2 step enrollment process

    These steps are in place to serve both you, as well as the other participants in your group so it's a positive, fun, interesting, growth-oriented, inspiring experience for everyone.

    STEP 1:

    • The first screening process is the "Yes! Begin HSP Trait Transformation™ Process" button at the bottom in the next section (where you'll be forwarded to a simple form and asked a few questions about yourself). 


    STEP 2:

    • When I've received your answers,  I'll reach out with a link for you to schedule a15 minute Discovery Call.
    • On the call, we'll get a chance to connect as well as cover key "housekeeping" details and your availability. 
    • If we're both sure it's a "go," I'll send you a payment link to save your seat in the next discussion group.
    • When 5 people have similar availability to you, we'll form your discussion group and give you all the details you'll need.


    How Much Is It?

    The cost is $89 USD*. That breaks down to $14.83 a week. Pretty affordable right?

    And you'll notice, this isn't a hard-sell because, well, I'm not interested in getting as many people to say yes as possible. I'm interested in having the right people say yes at the right time so everyone wins.
    My guess is that if you're on this page, you've been led here for a reason. Yet, only you know if you're ready to fill out that form and begin this journey into deeper self-exploration. What matters most is that you honor that feeling inside. 

    Are you feeling an absolute YES! to transformation?  Sweet.

    Click the "Begin HSP Trait Transformation Process" button to go to the Step 1 form. (It's short and sweet).

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    * Note: Deposits and payments are non-refundable

    * Your HSP Trait Transformation™ Discussion Group may take up to 6 months to form, based on your availability

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        have questions?

    Take a look at the F. A. Q.'s Below...

    -Does this really work?

    After spending so much time (possibly even your entire life) struggling to adapt to a world that's not built for you, I can understand a healthy dose of skepticism or fear.

    So let me be respectfully frank with you: you will get out of this what you put into it (and also what you are ready to receive.)

    That means showing up to the weekly meetings and being honest with yourself throughout the process.

    I've seen many HSP's deeply benefit from this path as well as my own life transform in ways I can't simply list right here.

    This is called HSP Trait Transformation™ because the tools have the power to transform your life if you learn them & use them.



    - Why the two "screening" steps?

    These screening processes are designed to both help you "get comfortable and get ready" for the process ahead...

    And to ensure you're ready, willing and able, at this time, to participate in weekly, structured exercises with other HSPs, so you can begin seeing your HSP Trait in new ways - and benefit from the many gifts your HSP Trait offers, like;

    • using your naturally creative problem-solving abilities,
    • enjoying artistic endeavours,
    • having healthier relationships,
    • deepening your unique sense of spirituality, and
    • much, much more.

    While there are plenty of DIY courses or on-demand programs that are available for purchase in the click of a button, this experience isn't one of them. It is a discussion group that requires a small group of people to be fully present and committed to the work.

    The screening steps help to ensure a positive & productive experience for everyone.



    - When will my discussion group start?

    When 5 screened people have overlapping availability, a new discussion group will be formed. In the future, the "wait" period will continue to be shorter and shorter.

    For Now: While the goal is to not have you wait something like 5 or 6 months, as of right now, there is no way to accurately estimate how long the wait will be.

    My suggestion is to be as flexible as possible with your availability in order to assure you're included in the very next group. :)



    - Have Any More Questions?

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions / concerns you may have via the contact page




    Not Ready to join a HSP discussion group, Yet?

    If you aren't sure about participating in a discussion group yet, no worries, instead be sure to join the Soul Warrior Tribe™. It's our online HSP community that's open to fellow HSP's 24/7.  This community is open to HSP's and it's more of a place for meeting other HSP's and chatting. It is not a structured discussion group. You have the option to come back over here to join an HSP Trait Transformation discussion group when you feel ready to do your inner work in a structured, supportive environment.