I will professionally edit your book so you can feel confident your book is professional, polished and reader-friendly.

This is what I offer: 

  • I will proofread, line and content edit your manuscript for a flat rate

  • Pricing based on up to a 150,00 Word Count (if you have a higher word count no problem! Let’s chat)

  • Please attach your manuscript as a Word document

  • I will return your manuscript with tracked changes

Proofreading ---> $ 599 Flat Rate per Book

Line Editing ----> $ 999 Flat Rate per Book

Proofreading AND Line Editing AND Content Editing ---> $ 1,499 Flat Rate per Book

I check for grammar and spelling errors. If necessary, I re-word for better flow. My work doesn't include any formatting or critique. I check for:

  • punctuation errors

  • spelling errors

  • POV errors

  • grammatical errors

  • typographical errors and inconsistencies

  • errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage

  • correct tense usage

You'll receive two files:

  • a copy of your document with my changes visible using the tracking function in MS Word

  • a "clean" copy with all my changes implemented


  • Receive access to professionals I work with - Cover Art Designers, eBook, Paperback and Hard Copy Formatting Specialists. Remember your Book Blurb - copywriting is an essential for your book.

* Indie Author RATE *

Content editing


Line Editing


* Each manuscript will be individually assessed to determine the amount of work needed. Pricing may vary.

Please note Payment Method: I will send you a PayPal link and once payment is received I begin working on your manuscript. I work on one manuscript at a time and turnaround is 5-6 days, depending on the work involved.

Payment Plans Offered: Contact for more info

With me, missing it is not an option.

“Rayne did any awesome job for me. She is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and reasonably priced.” - Indie Author Ramona Brooks

“Shoutout to Rayne for editing “Rising from Dust” for me. As an Indie Author I had issues editing by myself and when my book was published there were mistakes. Soon there won’t be thanks to this beautiful lady right here!!!” - Indie Author Rachel Grant

“Editing done by the lovely Rayne Dowell.” - Indie Author Taylor White