I will professionally edit your book so you can feel confident your book is polished and reader-friendly.

This is what I offer: 

  • I will proofread, line and content edit your manuscript for a flat rate

  • Pricing based on up to a 150,00 Word Count (if you have a higher word count no problem! Let’s chat)

  • Please attach your manuscript as a Word document

  • I will return your manuscript with tracked changes

I check for grammar and spelling errors. If necessary, I re-word for better flow. My work doesn't include any formatting or critique. I check for:

  • punctuation errors

  • spelling errors

  • POV errors

  • grammatical errors

  • typographical errors and inconsistencies

  • errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage

  • correct tense usage

You'll receive two files:

  • a copy of your document with my changes visible using the tracking function in MS Word

  • a "clean" copy with all my changes implemented

* Each manuscript is individually assessed to determine the amount of work needed. Pricing may vary.

Rate: $1,499 USD

Please note Payment Method: I will send you a PayPal link and once payment is received I begin working on your manuscript. Turnaround is typically 10-15 days, depending on the work involved.

Payment Plans Offered:

With me, missing it is not an option.

“Rayne did any awesome job for me. She is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and reasonably priced.” - Indie Author Ramona Brooks

“Shoutout to Rayne for editing “Rising from Dust” for me. As an Indie Author I had issues editing by myself and when my book was published there were mistakes. Soon there won’t be thanks to this beautiful lady right here!!!” - Indie Author Rachel Grant

“Editing done by the lovely Rayne Dowell.” - Indie Author Taylor White



Are you wondering how to self-publish your book? Not sure about the steps involved and what order to do them in? A manuscript is just the beginning.

Self-publishing can be a time-consuming job - don’t waste your time…

I offer a special package that walks Authors through a step-by-step process so they can easily get their book(s) on the shelf.

I breakdown the steps and additional costs and provide professional contacts to get the job done.

From a professional cover image to professional formatting in eBook, paperback and hard copy, to how to make your book available to libraries, bookstores and the best online platforms you’ll save valuable time. Time you could be spending writing your next book. :)

Please note: you will be responsible for setting up and monitoring your marketing, sales and distribution channels.

Rate: $1,000 USD

Payment Plans offered. Contact for more info.