Spiritual Dream InterpretatioN

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Hi, my name is Rayne and I’m a Spiritual Dream Interpretation Guide.

Have you ever been told your dreams don’t mean anything? If you have and you believed it – you’re not alone.

But the fact is, your dreams are linked to your Spirituality, your conscious mind, the Awake mind, but the unconscious mind, your programmed mind is usually running your waking Life.

This is why your dreams are important. They’re connected to your Spirituality and your Spirituality is always trying to help you.  

And you know this, somewhere in the back of your mind, because there are dreams you remember, or dreams you keep having over and over.  But you don’t know what they mean.

I’m here to tell you, having your dream accurately interpreted will give you insight into an unconscious limiting belief you have, and then the unconscious decisions you’re making in your waking Life (based on that belief), that are causing you pain.

Instead, accurately having your dream interpreted means you can replace that limiting belief with a belief that serves you - and can make choices in your waking life that bring you positive benefits.

How do I know this?

Well, for a long time I bought into the idea that my dreams didn’t mean anything. But then I started interpreting my dreams and using that information to help me in my waking life. I wrote a book about it called, “Unmasking: A Journey”.

Interpreting my dreams accurately led me to the discovery that I’m highly intuitive (I have the Highly Sensitive Person Trait, otherwise known as the HSP Trait, or Sensory Processing Sensitivity, also known as SPS). I pick up on energy and information easily, and have a gift for interpreting dreams.

Your Spiritual Dream Interpretation Guide should be compassionate, have a keen regard and respect for the unique Spiritual journey’s of others, undergone their own Spiritual underworld journey to Soul and back, and have a deep connection to their own Spirituality, so they can assist you with the current Spiritual hurdle you’re trying to overcome.

Because your dreams are your Awake mind, your Spirituality speaking to you, trying to help you live a positive, peaceful, fulfilling, high vibration life.  

To find out what one of your dreams mean book a session with me today.

* Sessions are $150 USD for a 60 minute session.