I’ve been creating colourful, unique Bo-Ho-chic style pictures with seashells, sea glass, coral and stones.

The inspiration for creating these unique pieces was given to me when I was thinking about nothing and dipping my feet in the water, taking in the beautiful surroundings of the beach and water.

I like creating and using space in an uncluttered way - so you feel the space, and feel the playful energy of the piece. I also love vibrant colours!

For pricing inquiries related to these unique art pieces, please click here. Be sure to note the title of the piece(s) you’re interested in.


My muse has been calling me to pick up a story I started years ago.

It’s untitled at the moment and I have no idea where it will lead, but wherever it is, its pull can’t be resisted. To start reading click here.


I’m currently blogging the sequel to my first self-published book, “Unmasking: A Journey”. At the end of this first book I discover I’m a Highly Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person (HSP / HSS).

The sequel is called “Unmasking a High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person: A Spiritual Journey”. You can follow the next journey - it starts here.


I’ve joined an awesome team of writers, the HSP Ambassadors, and begun blogging for the HSP World Blog.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the blog posts of these talented writers, who also share the HSP Trait. They share their perspectives in thoughtful, thought-provoking, interesting reads. I invite you to sit back with your favourite beverage and peruse.


This is another project I play with and in.

I’ve been working with a team of amazing individuals on a project called HSP World, a social platform created especially for those with the HSP Trait.

It isn't ready just yet, but we're really excited to see it materializing! If you’d like to look through the News Feed feel free. A handy feature is the “search” function.