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Rayne Dowell is a first-time self-published author, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She was led to write "Unmasking: A Journey"  by what she refers to as 'The Light', a guiding force that urged her to share her story. 

While writing "Unmasking", Rayne discovered she has the Highly Sensitive Person Trait (HSP), and HSS (High Sensation Seeking), created a local HSP Support Group in 2016 and began blogging what she was learning. To read more click here "Unmasking: A High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person - A Spiritual Journey"

You're invited to read her blog and ask questions or comment. To find out if you have the HSP Trait you can test yourself here.

A lover of nature, writing, eco travel, and photography, Rayne enjoys good times spent with close friends. Rayne, an intuitive, is a self-directed learner whose endless curiosity and passion for knowledge and wisdom, led her to her ongoing study of the bridge between science, spirituality, consciousness and dreamstates. Rayne offers 1-1 confidential Spiritual Dream Interpretation Sessions.

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