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Rayne’s previously mundane life changes drastically when she begins communicating telepathically with a dangerous organized crime boss with far-reaching influence about the preservation and protection of our natural world.

Her efforts meet with resistance, not the least of which is her own skepticism about her untested intuitive skills or the fact that she doesn’t know she has a superpower: she’s a high sensation seeking highly sensitive person.

Rayne’s spiritual quest begins as she enters a reality where nothing is as it seems, encountering corrupt political leaders, violent gang members, corporate spies, the CIA, the confused, the curious, and the benevolent.

Struggling to understand her growing spiritual awareness, Rayne’s underworld journey presents her with spiritual lessons that makes her recognize that life is much, much more than she imagined.

A tale of modern spirituality and a contemporary spiritual autobiography unlike any other, Rayne’s story is one of transformation and the ultimate triumph of love against all odds.

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