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Isn't it time to
Make your trait work for you?

It's no secret: the western world isn't built for HSP's. We're constantly reminded of how "different" we are as if it's a bad thing we must change.  So we spend our time feeling alone, holding our tongues, isolating, and masking our-true-selves. 
But having the HSP trait is a blessing.
Consider this your personal invitation to a journey of self discovery that will leave you loving life more each day.


join your tribe

  • Whether you're brand new to the HSP world or you've explored your trait for years, this is your tribe.
  • Welcome to your very own safe space where you can come to learn, get energized and feel supported through this inner journey of self discovery that we're all on.
  • Why Soul Warrior? 
    Soul Warrior is a name that reflects the gentleness and strength you'll find on the journey inward, to Soul and back.  Yes, this is your journey but you don't have to do it alone. 

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explore your trait

  • Ready to get the tools you need to thrive, just as you are, without forcing yourself to "adapt" to the world's expectations?
  • Anyone going on a journey needs equipment, supplies and nourishment (plus refills along the way). Think of our discussion groups as (both) your equipment and your refill station. 
  • Join an upcoming HSP Trait Transformation™ discussion group to peel back your layers and go on a journey of deeper exploration, armed with exactly what you need.

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Unmasking an hss, hsp

I'm blogging my second book,"Unmasking a High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person" where I'm exploring:

  • Navigating my new relationship with myself as an HSS/HSP,  
  • The D.O.E.S. acronym (Depth of processing, Overstimulation, Emotional empathy and responsiveness, and Sensory sensitivity),
  • What it's like to "come out," and more...

When it's all finished, it'll go into a book. Until then, you can read along on the blog. 

Go to the "Foreward" by clicking the button below. 


a message from rayne

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